Voices of Recovery

A Collection of Personal Stories from Recovery Allies

People Helping People in the Name of Recovery

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Fatima Abiola Popoola is a Law Enforcement Officer and Addiction Counselor at Nigeria's National Drug Law Enforcement Agency, whose thirteen-year journey from law enforcement to becoming a Master Trainer with UNODC and co-founding the "Recovery Ambassadors" group exemplifies her dedication to supporting and empowering former drug users through counseling and vocational training.

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Meen Bahadur Poudyal Chhetri is a dedicated recovery ally and former Director of the Department of Narcotics Control and Disaster Management in Nepal, now serving as a researcher, independent consultant, and Steering Committee Member of the Recovery Allies Learning Collaborative of Africa and Asia (RAALCA), where he works tirelessly to prevent substance use disorder and foster drug-free societies through research, education, and policy formulation.

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Asia Ashraf is a transformative recovery ally from Pakistan, whose journey began with the prestigious Hubert Humphrey Fellowship and led to the creation of the Recovery Club, a sanctuary inspired by Narcotics Anonymous and Alcoholics Anonymous, where individuals in recovery find support, develop life skills, and overcome stigma, extending her impact to the Greenfield Hospital of Psychiatry and beyond.

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Sammy Ombisa is an Internationally Certified Recovery Ally and former international youth soccer player from Kenya, who transitioned from a wellness professional to a dedicated recovery specialist, focusing on helping athletes overcome substance use disorders and achieve lasting sobriety through personalized support and advocacy.

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