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GRN Vision Statement: The transformative power of recovery is recognized, promoted, celebrated, and delivered without barriers, limitations, or stigma.

GRN Mission Statement: The Global Recovery Network provides a platform for members to build and reinforce recovery capital through the pursuit of lifelong learning, to forge and maintain connections to support each other, and to advance the understanding and practice of recovery throughout the world.

GRN Values Statement: The value of recovery is evident and undeniable – recovery empowers individuals to reach their full potential through connectedness, hope, and purpose, and has a long-term positive effect on families and communities.

Recovery from alcohol and other substance use disorders is an active voluntary process and a health outcome. Recovery is an individual’s continual growth that most often involves support networks, and that builds recovery capital to address the biological, psychological, social, and spiritual disturbances that characterize substance use disorders. Recovery is an ongoing process of growth to achieve the outcome of a substance-free life which allows an individual to reach their full potential.