Recovery Allies Stories

PEERS in recovery have long been sharing their stories to help one another.

Recovery ALLIES-- who are individuals not in recovery themselves, but who support recovery with services and advocacy---have become more and more prevalent in the last few years. Like recovery PEERS, recovery ALLIES have found value in sharing their stories to help one another.

Stories have power. Unlike facts, stories are told from the heart. Story-telling, in fact, is part of being human. Personal stories are unique; they may be only one person’s experience and perspective, but once a personal story is shared, it can operate with almost magical power to inspire others, bringing them together as members of a larger group in support of an idea, a common cause, and a greater purpose.

No two stories in this short collection are alike. Taken together the stories form a powerful illustration of the cultural diversity inherent in recovery itself, and a compelling description of how recovery is understood, experienced, challenged, and celebrated in countries throughout the world.

Although each individual story in this collection is unique, together they have a collective impact, one that reflects a common humanity and the shared bond when individuals to stand up as a group in support of recovery in their own communities and beyond.

In this small, but growing collection, recovery ALLIES celebrate the opportunities to be of service to others and to help them live their lives with a deeper sense of purpose and meaning.  These are their stories. Please enjoy them.

Voices of Recovery